Barna Mink’s Homepage - Spotify Shuffle “Fix”

Barna Mink’s Homepage - Spotify Shuffle “Fix”


This is my fix for my two big problems with the Spotify app:

I developed a utility which, using Spotify’s Web API, downloads and saves my library metadata locally. A simple shell script then implements the shuffle function.

It is a relatively straighforward little program, but I am amazed at how helpful it is to browse my library and to remember/rediscover old additions. At the same time it makes me hate Spotify’s shuffe algorithm even more.

Of course, saving my library metadata locally has other benefits as well, such as:

I run spotlibdump on my laptop, for local listening/streaming. However, I also run it on one of my Raspberry Pi servers, and I have integrated it with…. This way, I can invoke the shuffle functionality on my phone, via text messages.

Source code is on GitHub.

The Usual Disclaimer: I don’t have time or interest to package my hobby projects as turnkey solutions for other developers or users. Eg. for all my C projecs, you’ll first need to build my C utilities library.

Really, mostly I’m just providing the source for you to study and steal/learn from (laugh at?). Enjoy!