Barna Mink’s Homepage - SLS - Music Library Management

Barna Mink’s Homepage - SLS: Music Library Management

SLS stands for Simple Library System, or Sane Library System, I can’t decide. The most important thing about ‘sls’ is that it’s easy to type on the keyboard.

My music library consist of three types of media:

SLS combines the metadata of all of the above libraries into one database and provides functionality such as metadata search or help in selecting which album to play next.

SLS consists of the following components:

As the above probably already makes clear, metadata entry inso SLS is not needed. I manage my Spotify library via the Spotify app and I manage my vinyl collection via the Discogs app, so SLS can just go out and download the library metadate from those respective APIs. The update tools run every few minutes on one of my home servers.

SLS is also tied into my [SMS/Raspi interface], which means I can view and make selections from my library using text messages. This is an extremely useful feature, because it provides a permanent and stable workaround for any bugs or deficiencies in music apps’ view/select functionality. For example, as of this writing, Spotify’s shuffle function is not actually random. It also doesn’t provide one of the most basic functions of a music library, “show me a random album”.